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A security guard from northern Poland has been hailed a hero after jumping in to help a distressed man by delivering his wife’s baby while on his way home from a night shift.

Mateusz Białkowski from the seaside town of Władysławowo had been driving home in the early hours of the morning when the agitated soon-to-be-dad leapt in front of his car.

At first thinking the man was drunk or on drugs, leaping out of his motor Białkowski discovered the man was from Moldova, that his wife was pregnant and he needed help.

Mateusz Białkowski from the seaside town of Władysławowo had been driving home in the early hours of the morning when he was stopped by the agitated soon-to-be-dad.Mateusz Białkowski

Jumping back into his car, Białkowski and the Moldovan then drove to the man’s house where the security guard found four men and two women, one on the floor giving birth and shouting in pain, the other paralysed with fear and a little boy kneeling on the floor praying.

Immediately dialling the emergency services and describing the situation, Białkowski was quickly led through precise instructions of how to deliver the imminently arriving baby.

He told Fakt newspaper: “I could already see the head, then the call handler told me to put both hands in and pull lightly by the head.

Arriving at the man’s house, Białkowski found the man’s pregnant wife lying on the floor.Mateusz Białkowski

“It was slowly working, the child came out up to the chin…during the birth she also told me to clear the child’s mouth of saliva and move the tongue so it could start to breathe.”

“I was scared if in this way I would do the child harm, but I did what she told me to do”, he added.

As the child began to breathe, Białkowski was able to pull it out of its mother’s belly and as the child began to cry, so did the others in the room.

The security guard then called the emergency services who told him over the phone what he needed to do.Mateusz Białkowski

Białkowski said: “The father of the child ran up to me, grabbed me by the hands and started kissing me out of gratefulness, three minutes later, the ambulance arrived.

“I didn’t think I had done anything great, but I thought to myself that no one would believe me so I decided to document it all somehow with my phone.

“Everyone else in the room was paralysed by the whole situation, including the women, who had had children!

Białkowski and the baby’s delighted dad after the successful birth. Mateusz Białkowski

“With that stress and those nerves I felt like I had some kind of ‘power’ come over me, I realised that if I didn’t help her, no one would help her, that I had to do everything for that child to survive. And it worked out.”

Baby Samira was born at 7.20am on Sunday 4th September and the mother and baby are currently still in hospital.

After posting about the story on their social media,, received a flurry of comments from internet users commending Białkowski’s actions, including calls of “Bravo” and “Congratulations” and some writing: “Congratulations. What courage Mr Mateusz” or “Huge congrats to Mr Mateusz for handling the situation, let there be more people like you Sir”.

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